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Sanghavi Brass Industries

Welcome to Sanghavi Brass Industries! A place of top quality manufacturing of brass products and fittings. To have a look at our variety of products, visit the e-catalog.

May God Brass You!

Our Specialties



Being our top priority, we make sure every product’s quality is undeviated and on top of its game!


In-House Production

To keep an eye on the whole process of production, everything is casted, melted and manufactured in our factory; leaving no room for mistakes.



To bring certainty in the maintenance of our quality, we use modern machinery like CNC and dust-free lacquer machines.
Gen-Z business eh? 😉



At the end, the product is carefully electroplated/polished to give it the brightness and shine that is aesthetically pleasing!

Sanghavi Brass Industries. Elevating Standards, Defining Quality.

About Us

In 1977, our journey began with a humble focus on manufacturing brass door fittings. It was our unwavering dedication to quality that caught the attention of renowned clients like Domino Brass in London and Gainsborough in…

“For me, it is more like a second home than a workplace.”

Chirag Sanghavi

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